The blog of the Euston Arch Trust campaigning for the rebuilding of the Euston Arch destroyed when Euston station was redeveloped in the 1960s. A proposed redevelopment of Euston offers the chance to rebuild the arch. A rebuilt Euston Arch would be an outstanding gateway to a new Euston Station.

Thursday, 1 October 2009

October Update

Stones Rescued:

We now have 30 stones from the Euston Arch, thanks to the help of British Waterways. Whilst upgrading waterways serving the Olympic Park, British Waterways carefully lifted the stones, which are now in the care of the Trust. Dan Cruickshank attended the salvage operation and was excited to see another segment from one of the huge columns, similar to the first stone that was rescued in the '90s. The stones are remarkably well preserved, with tooling marks left by masons in the 1830s still clearly visible. We are working with British Waterways on a feasibility plan to find the best way of raising the remaining stones.

New Plans:

We have launched our most detailed plans to date, showing how the Euston Arch can be made fit for 21st-century use. Drawn up in collaboration with engineer Alan Baxter, the plans incorporate a room in the attic and a large basement beneath the Arch, which could be let to help pay for construction. Possible uses for the rooms include a banqueting room and nightclub respectively. There is even space for stairs and two lifts, allowing full disabled access to the Arch. Detailed drawings can be downloaded from our website: www.

Euston Station:

Network Rail appointed British Land as developers for the station in 2007 but have yet to produce any plans. In the meantime, Sydney & London Properties, a key stakeholder in the Euston area, has produced a Euston Arch Discussion Document in conjunction with its own scheme to redevelop the station and neighbouring offices. The Document, which can be downloaded at , includes proposals to rebuild the Arch in the same position favoured by the Euston Arch Trust, between the lodges on Euston Road.

Press Coverage:

Recent press coverage has shown that support for the rebuilding of the Euston Arch is growing. 'We look forward to the return of a notable London landmark', remarked the Evening Standard, as a leader in the Daily Telegraph warned, 'this project must not be delayed until the rest of the station is redeveloped' - we quite agree! Our Patron, Michael Palin, was interviewed for BBC London radio about the Arch - a short excerpt can be heard here

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