The blog of the Euston Arch Trust campaigning for the rebuilding of the Euston Arch destroyed when Euston station was redeveloped in the 1960s. A proposed redevelopment of Euston offers the chance to rebuild the arch. A rebuilt Euston Arch would be an outstanding gateway to a new Euston Station.

Friday, 1 August 2008

Summer Update - image of a rebuilt arch and BBC News online articles.

A quick summer update on progress with the campaign to rebuild the Euston Arch.

Thanks to the work of Joe Robson ( we now have a fantastic computer generated image of what the arch would look like if rebuilt between the two existing lodges on Euston Square.

The image builds on the plans drawn up in 1996 - and currently being reviewed - by Alan Baxter that can be found at

Thanks to Joe's work we can now better appreciate how striking a gateway a rebuilt arch would provide to a new Euston station.

BBC News online have very recently published two articles about the campaign and the challenges of rebuilding the arch, both written by Trevor Timpson.

The first about the campaign: 'Romantic' attempt to save lost arch

The second article looks into the challenges we face if the arch is to be rebuilt:Can the Euston arch rise again?

Support for the campaign continues to mount with a large number of daily hits and we have a fast growing number of signed up supporters.

Thanks for all your support.

Tim Oliver
Euston Arch Trust.

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